Home Education – Writing Idea

Here is a fun idea to make writing a story fun for your children. Make (or find) a bag and fill it with items you find either on a nature walk or around the house. You could set a theme such as ten blue items, or items that weigh less than a certain amount. This […]

Blogging for Kids

Do your kids blog? Then I would like to invite them to a carnival!! A blog carnival is just a list of blog post by different blogs gathered together in one place. The idea is that the reader gets to find lots of new blogs to read – and the blogs get more readers!! My […]

Photographic treasure hunt

 I got the inspiration for this treasure hunt from a blog I read* ages ago, and this is my version of it. This geography activity develops map skills and observation. You do need some time to set it up, but it can be adapted to any age or skill level. The purpose of the activity is […]

Make a trading card game

If you enjoyed making your own top trumps game then you may be interested in this neat way to make a trading game. You upload your own pictures for each trading card and add your details, then save the finished card to your PC and print it out.  Either make a full deck, or add to an […]

Another Around the World Idea

In doing Around the World in 80 Days I have been looking for a way to print pictures of the children in front of the major landmarks we ‘visit’.  I think this will look really neat in their travel journal. I have found a great way of doing this – for FREE !! FotoFlexer is a […]

P.E. lessons (the Home Education way!)

This weekend we were slacklining!  Slacklining is a bit like walking a tightrope – only lower to the ground (and the line is slack not tight). It isn’t easy to learn so you may need a bit of ‘stick-at-it-ness!’ but it is quite addictive! Exercise wise, it is reputed to help core balance, mental concentration […]

Homeschool Burnout !

Sometimes, even with the best intentions, you need to stop and give yourself some space in your home educating routine.  This is a home educating idea I use occasionally when we are extremely busy, during holiday periods, or when we have homeschool burnout! Home Educating in an Hour!! I choose to cover 6 subjects for 10 minutes each – one quick hour of […]

Free Hidden Picture Puzzles

Found a great site for free hidden picture puzzles – you know – the sort you have to hunt around the picture to find the hidden items! They have printable hidden pictures, or you can play online. The site is HighlightsKids. The rest of the site is worth a look too – I liked their […]

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