Homeschool Reading Software Pilot

For the first time ever! Nessy Learning is making its free 60 day Reading and Spelling software pilot available to homeschoolers. Nessy Learning, a leading educational software company, is extending a special invitation for you to participate in a free pilot of their software. But you must sign up by November 9th! There are many […]

Back to Homeschool Magazine for Girls

Two homeschooled girls have seen a gap in the market for a magazine aimed specifically at homeschooled girls – so they started their own! Back to Homeschool magazine is packed with interesting articles for girls who are homeschooled – and it is free to subscribe. But the girls now need your help. They say Only […]

Home Education Help

I think it can be really daunting when you are first thinking about home education. There are so many worries and questions.┬áMost people want to know about socialization, how they can take exams, and where they can meet other home educators. I get a lot of questions about home education by email, and I thought […]

More Ted Talks on Home Education

I am sure you have seen the Ted Talk video where Sir Ken Robinson talks about how schools kill creativity.But were you aware there is a follow up talk? This one is about creating conditions where kids’ natural talents can flourish.Here’s to diversity of talent and treading softly. If that has whetted your appetite, there […]

Blogging for Kids

Do your kids blog? Then I would like to invite them to a carnival!! A blog carnival is just a list of blog post by different blogs gathered together in one place. The idea is that the reader gets to find lots of new blogs to read – and the blogs get more readers!! My […]

Paper Rulers

I can NEVER find a ruler or a tape measure when I need one! (Of course, they are all over the place when I don’t!). But finally – a solution!┬áPrintable paper rulers. This site has got lots of them – one foot rulers, metersticks, yardsticks. Worth remembering next time you are desperate to measure something!

The Periodic Table of Videos

Have just found these fantastic videos from the University of Nottingham. Each video is about a chemical element of the periodic table. Well worth watching! Many thanks to Dawn for telling me about this (via her blog), so I could tell you!!

Storybook writing

I have found this great site for children to write their own storybook. Tikatok is an online program in which kids can type a story and add illustrations (they can be uploaded). But the great thing about this site is that the book can be then be viewed in an interactive way. You can have […]

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