Maths No Problem

If you have been looking for Singapore Math Workbooks in the UK, you will know they are not easy to get hold of. In researching how to help her daughter in maths, Anne Hermanson found Singapore Math to be the most effective maths programme available to her. So she has set up Maths No Problem […]

Visual Mnemonics

I mentioned in my Times Tables post that we had used visual mnemonics to learn some Italian words, and I thought I would expand on that in this post. Mnemonic systems were developed by the Greeks (the name being derived from their worship of the Goddess of Memory, Mnemosyne). They discovered that memory worked best […]


We have spent a good part of the last couple of days ‘lapbooking’!! The children wanted to know more about ‘Ancient Greece’ and ‘Ancient Egypt’ after  playing Age of Mythology (there is a free trial download here) so we have spent the last few weeks on this topic using various resources. But I wanted to […]

And more science…

This isnt for the faint hearted, but perfect for halloween!! Froguts is a ‘virtual dissection’ CD. Check out the demo section – and if you can find anything more gross, I don’t want to know!!

Home Ed Bring and Buy

If you are thinking you may need a clear out before christmas, then have a look at Home Ed Bring and Buy. Its a great place to pass on your stuff to other home educators in the UK – and pick up a bargain!

Indispensable Catalogues

Which suppliers are indispensable when home-educating? Or at least, really really useful!!! Here are my top catalogues : Opitec – This is at the top of the list for a reason. If you dont have an Opitec catalogue, go get one NOW!! It is full of craft materials, woodwork kits and electronic kits.  No fancy packaging so amazing […]

Periodic Table Top Trumps

We are investigating mining at the moment (don’t ask!!) and this has led us into looking at the Periodic Table. So guess what I found? Chemistry Top Trumps!!!   They are at Stax-o-facts, and quite reasonably priced too, I thought.


As a home educating family, we listen to lots of audiobooks.  We sometimes rent these from the library, but often I download books I think the children will be interested in, and burn them to CD.  A great place to look (although the website leaves a lot to be desired!) is Audiobooks for Free.  The […]

Maths No Problem - The Singapore Maths Program

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