Fruit Leather

Have you ever tried making fruit leather? It is really easy to do – and very yummy! It is a great way of preserving fruit – and of course makes a wonderful edible craft for kids. You can use almost any fruit – or even pumpkin!Try this fruit leather recipe to get you started.  (from […]

Home Educating Cats!

Been having fun comparing home educating to petting a cat! You can read my article How to Start Homeschooling to find out more. Happy Reading!

Free Audiobooks

Sync are giving away 2 free audiobooks a week over the summer. They say the audiobooks are aimed at ages 13 and up, but I think some of them (like Treasure Island and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland), are fine for younger ones. Getting hold of your audiobooks is a little bit of a trial! As […]

Home Education Report Flawed

NEWS RELEASE June 17th, 2010 Ofsted Home Education Report Seriously Flawed Says Graham Stuart MP Graham Stuart MP, who last week was elected to take the Chair of the Commons Education Select Committee, today condemned Ofsted’s report on home education, “Local Authorities and Home Education” as “an unpleasant hangover of the last government: a manifesto […]

Flat Travellers Geography

Jenny has sent me this great idea for geography. She says; “We are just getting involved in ‘Flat Travellers’. It is based upon the book ‘Flat Stanley’ where a boy is flattened and can send himself anywhere in an envelope, he travels the world. The children make their own ‘flat traveller’, laminate it and then […]

Ancient Egypt Resources Page

I have now (finally!) finished putting together the Ancient Egyptian resources page. You can find it at here or under the Project section. I have pulled together all the resources I used when were were looking at Ancient Egypt – including books, games and links.

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