5 Dangerous things you should let your kids do!

There is a new video on Ted Talks about 5 Dangerous things you SHOULD let your kids do!. I loved this!! How many have you let your kids do?

Animation and Filmaking

We have been stuck in this week (new puppy!) so the children have been making an animation. We made one some time ago by drawing a background picture (the sea) and taking still pictures of the drawn and cut out characters (fish) which we moved a fraction each time. When we strung the pictures together […]

Visual Mnemonics

I mentioned in my Times Tables post that we had used visual mnemonics to learn some Italian words, and I thought I would expand on that in this post. Mnemonic systems were developed by the Greeks (the name being derived from their worship of the Goddess of Memory, Mnemosyne). They discovered that memory worked best […]


Just to let you know I have added an article about strewing with loads of ideas of free things for you to strew. The full article can be found here. A list of all my articles can be found here.


We have spent a good part of the last couple of days ‘lapbooking’!! The children wanted to know more about ‘Ancient Greece’ and ‘Ancient Egypt’ after  playing Age of Mythology (there is a free trial download here) so we have spent the last few weeks on this topic using various resources. But I wanted to […]


I mentioned in my post on Doing the Days that I would tell you about our experiences of journaling – so here they are!! I got into journaling (although I had always journaled a little) after reading The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. She advocates the use of morning pages – 3 pages to be written every […]

Make your own Top Trumps

My children really enjoy a good game of TopTrumps. For those of you who haven’t heard of it – it is explained in Wikipedia. Even before they could read the cards my children would say things like “the one at the bottom – a 2 and a 0” They liked that they could play a […]

Five in a row

 So, to start off this blog, I have been thinking about those resources I found most useful when I began to home educate. I think one of the first I found was Five in a Row.  It was this site that first clued me into the value of teaching children through literature. A good story can […]

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