Paper Rulers

I can NEVER find a ruler or a tape measure when I need one! (Of course, they are all over the place when I don’t!). But finally – a solution! Printable paper rulers. This site has got lots of them – one foot rulers, metersticks, yardsticks. Worth remembering next time you are desperate to measure something!

Free Hidden Picture Puzzles

Found a great site for free hidden picture puzzles – you know – the sort you have to hunt around the picture to find the hidden items! They have printable hidden pictures, or you can play online. The site is HighlightsKids. The rest of the site is worth a look too – I liked their […]

Free Printable

My kids said I should post this link, as they have had so much fun with it. provides printouts of several types of cars (click on the cars button) that you can cut out and glue (we used tape!).  Some of them are trickier than others  – the VW Bus is a good one […]

Jar of Links – Maths sites

I seem to be stock-piling links at the moment!! Here are the maths ones! Many thanks to Jenny for the first two links. SenTeacher have got several printables available, including printouts for the construction of common 3D shapes. Cube, cuboid, cylinder, cone, regular pyramid, octahedron, rhomboid, tetrahedron, pentagonal prism and pyramid are included. I also […]

Getting Organised!

Happy New Year!! I love the new year, and the new possibilities it brings. This is the time of year when I begin to think of the year ahead – and how to organise it!!  I like to sit down each morning for 10 minutes and plan my day.  When I was a working I was […]


Just to let you know I have added an article about strewing with loads of ideas of free things for you to strew. The full article can be found here. A list of all my articles can be found here.

Free Home Education Resources

As a home educator, I am always on the lookout for free resources I can use – and places where I can share the ones I find!! There are lots of websites that focus on this – here are a few that I use. Home_Education_Resources is a yahoo group to “find and promote resources for […]

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