Free Hidden Picture Puzzles

Found a great site for free hidden picture puzzles – you know – the sort you have to hunt around the picture to find the hidden items! They have printable hidden pictures, or you can play online. The site is HighlightsKids. The rest of the site is worth a look too – I liked their […]

Book Review- How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World

 During a recent conversation, the children lifted this book down from the bookshelf to re-examine it. And so I remembered to tell you about ‘How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World’ by Marjorie Priceman. This is a short picture book about travelling around the world to buy ingredients to make an apple pie (the market […]

Heart Exhibition

This site can take a little while to load (and has a strange navigation method), but the Wellcome Collection’s Heart Exhibition is a fascinating look at the human heart – from scientific details to how it has been presented in art. An interesting tour for older children.

Online Human Anatamy

Visible Body is an online interactive 3D model of the human body. The model is highly detailed and  anatomically accurate – and includes skeletal, digestive and muscular systems (among others). It would be great for studying biology, physiology, or anatomy. You have to register to get access, and loading can take a little time – and it […]

And more science…

This isnt for the faint hearted, but perfect for halloween!! Froguts is a ‘virtual dissection’ CD. Check out the demo section – and if you can find anything more gross, I don’t want to know!!

Science – the home education way!!

I wasn’t really planning to put up loads of craft activities on this site – but we are doing a couple of things for Halloween that I thought you might be interested in. The first is Halloween Slime! This was posted on a home education list years ago (my apologies to the poster – I don’t […]

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